Monday, December 31, 2007

Music for Feast of Holy Family

This is what I did for the Visil Mass for the Feast of the Holy Family at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in San Francisco.

Introit: Deus in loco sancto suo, from Graduale Romanum, Latin
Kyrie: Chanted Kyrie XVI, Mode III, Latin
Gloria: Chanted Gloria VIII, Mode V, Latin
Responsorial Psalm: from Chabanel Psalms Project, English
Alleluia: Chant tone, text of verse from Anglican Gradual, English.
Credo: Recited, English
Offertory: In te speravi, Domine, from Graduale Romanum, Latin.
Offertory Hymn: Away in a Manger (CRADLE SONG)
Sanctus: Chanted Sanctus XVIII, Mode IV, Latin
Memorial Acclaimation: Chanted Mortem Tuam, Latin
Pater Noster: Recited, English
Agnus Dei: Chanted Agnus Dei XVIII, Mode IV, Latin
Communion: Tolle puerum from Graduale Romanum, with psalm verses from Communio, followed by organ improvisation.
Recessional Hymn: Angels we have heard on high (GLORIA)
Organ Postlude: None

To be added next week:

Ambrosian Credo
Organ Postlude (Prelude?)

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